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Urology and Bowel Management

Type: New Contract Reference: 2023/S 000-011173 Supply Route: Stocked, Blue Diamond, eDirect
Start Date: 21 February 2024 Expiry Date: 20 February 2026

The framework for Urology and Bowel Management starts on 21 February 2024, runs for 24 months and ends on 20 February 2026. There is an option to extend for two additional 12-month periods.

The new framework combines the former Urology, Bowel and Faecal Management and Stoma Care and Accessories frameworks.

Urology products are used for surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs. Urology combines the management of medical conditions such as urinary tract infections and surgical conditions such as bladder or prostate cancer, kidney stones, congenital abnormalities, traumatic injuries and stress incontinence.

Bowel and Faecal management products are used for ensuring the safe and effective management of faecal waste and protection of the skin of patients with faecal related issues who unfortunately cannot control their own bodily functions.

Stoma Care and Accessories are used after surgical procedures including colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy. The products include a wound manager which is used post-op to drain off any discharge which may occur close to the surgery site to avoid any infection of the wound. Other products include pouches, also referred to as bags that provide a means to collect waste from a surgically diverted biological system and accessories which support these pouches/bags system. These can include skin protection and care products, securing devices, irrigation and drainage accessories.

Areas covered

There are 18 Lots on this new framework (see product categories section for full list).

Savings opportunities

Product switching will be available following the framework go live. Analysis will take place to identify switch and rationalisation opportunities, highlighting cost effective alternatives.

Price ranking will also be carried out within six months of the contract go live.

 Social Value

Since April 2022 all our frameworks have adopted the Procurement Policy Notice 06/20. The suppliers on this framework have demonstrated their plans for:

  • Tackling economic inequality
  • Fighting climate change
  • Equal opportunity
  • Wellbeing


Suppliers awarded to the framework have adopted sustainability measures including:

  • Carbon and greenhouse gas reduction
  • Reduction/elimination of single use plastics
  • Reduction in waste and the developing the circular economy
  • Transparency in supply chains, human rights and modern slavery
  • Social value model


Our increased knowledge of the global manufacturing base following Covid and subsequent global supply challenges means we are better able to identify potential risks and mitigate them by building resilience into our sourcing strategies.

For this framework we are adopting measures including ensuring suppliers hold more stock in UK warehouses and providing forward trackers so that suppliers can build up contingency stock in the event of a supply disruption.

Important notice – for stocked products only.
Following the move to Buy Price = Sell Price, new contract / framework prices will only come into effect when stock of all product at the old contract / framework price has been depleted.

There are 59 suppliers on this framework. They are:

  • 3M United Kingdom PLC – New
  • AQLANE Medical BV – New
  • Abena UK Limited
  • Astric Medical Ltd
  • Albyn Medical Ltd
  • Ardo Medical Ltd
  • Braun Medical Limited
  • Beambridge Medical Ltd
  • Baxter Healthcare Ltd
  • Bunzl Retail & Healthcare Supplies Ltd
  • Becton, Dickinson U.K. Limited
  • Class Medical – New
  • CliniMed Ltd
  • CD Medical Limited
  • Clinisupplies Limited
  • CODAN Limited
  • Coloplast Ltd
  • Convatec Limited
  • C&P Medical – New
  • Essity UK Ltd – Health & Medical Solutions
  • Fairmont Medical Products Limited
  • Fresenius Kabi
  • Fannin UK Limited
  • Flexicare UK Ltd
  • GBUK Ltd
  • GBUK Enteral Ltd
  • GenX MediCare – New
  • Great Bear Healthcare Ltd
  • Hollister Limited
  • H&R Healthcare Ltd – New
  • iMEDicare Ltd – New
  • Ivor Shaw Ltd trading as Pennine Healthcare
  • Key Health Solutions – New
  • Laborie Medical Technologies Ltd
  • LINC Medical
  • Medicina Limited – New
  • Mediplus Ltd
  • Medline Industries Ltd – New
  • Optimum Medical Solutions Ltd
  • Oakmed Ltd
  • Paramount Medical Solutions Ltd – New
  • Peak Medical Ltd
  • Pelican Healthcare Ltd
  • ProSys International Ltd
  • Rocialle Healthcare Ltd – New
  • Redland embh Group Limited
  • RB Medical Engineering Ltd – New
  • Rhodes Pharma Ltd – New
  • Salts Healthcare
  • Smith & Nephew
  • Sharon Services (UK) Ltd – New
  • Sinapi Biomedical – New
  • TFX Group Ltd T/A Teleflex Medical
  • Trion Pharma – New
  • Unoquip GmbH – New
  • Wellspect Limited
  • Venture Healthcare Ltd – New
  • Vernacare LTD

There are 18 lots on this new framework:

Lot 1: Internal Urinary Catheters and Accessories

Lot 2: External Urinary Catheters and Sheaths

Lot 3: Urine Drainage Bags and Accessories

Lot 4: Urine Flow Monitoring System

Lot 5: Gels Medicated and Non-Medicated

Lot 6: Bladder Washout Solutions

Lot 7: Urine Collection Devices

Lot 8: Enuresis Alarms

Lot 9: Ultrasonic Bacterial Anti Adhesion System for Urinary Catheter

Lot 10: Bowel and Faecal Management

Lot 11: Enema Accessories

Lot 12: Stoma Appliances

Lot 13: Stoma Accessories

Lot 14: Wound and Fistula Management

Lot 15: Urodynamics/Surgery

Lot 16: Skin Care/Protection

Lot 17: Chyme Infusion System

Lot 18: Urethral Bulking Agents


  • Leading suppliers on contract – providing enhanced range and value from a single source.

More savings

  • Pay less – with NHS Supply Chain you have a wider range of product options so you can select the ones that are fit for purpose and value for money.
  • Leave your tendering to us – spend less time and money on tendering and let our procurement specialists undertake it on your behalf.
  • Back office savings – the efficiency of our service, ranging from e-ordering to consolidated deliveries, enables significant back office savings.

More value

  • An integrated approach – the financial benefits of NHS Supply Chain go beyond just product prices. Our approach is an integrated one that reduces cost throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to global logistics, resulting in a much lower total cost.
  • Purchasing through our route – when there are changes in the market, we can help minimise the impact of price rises and give support with cost saving initiatives.

Our knowledge and expertise

  • Dedicated Hospital Care and Out of Hospital Care Teams – your day to day contact for all queries. They will help you identify savings opportunities, solve any issues on your behalf and ensure high service levels are always met.
  • NHS Supply Chain Buyers – procurement specialists in their product fields who can give expert advice on new and alternative products.
  • Implementation Team – experts in helping you set up the new processes and training required when introducing new products.
  • Customer Services Team – with the daily support provided by our dedicated and knowledgeable advisors and service managers you know you are in safe hands.
  • Customer Assurance – providing customers with the confidence and assurance of products using a process of clinical evaluation and engagement with clinical users. This ensures all products are clinically assured by the CaPA process supported by engagement with an aligned Trusted Customer.

Peace of mind

  • Dependable deliveries – having access to the know-how and resources of one of the world’s largest logistics companies means we can offer unrivaled dependability and responsiveness when it comes to our delivery services.
  • Framework agreement – awarded in accordance with UK procurement legislation.
  • Sustainable development – we are certified to ISO 140001 International Standard for Environment Management System.

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  • Framework Matrices

    An Excel file showing the product listing and delisted products for this framework.
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