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Early Informs

In response to customer feedback, when possible we provide ‘Early Informs’, to help ensure we are giving you information about potential supply disruption as soon as we can.

There are three status options for ‘Early Informs’ as follows:

  • In Progress – when we don’t have enough information yet to publish an Important Customer Notice (ICN).
  • Moved to ICN – an ‘Early Inform’ that has now progressed to a full ICN about the supply issue.
  • Resolved – an issue that we informed you about on this page, but was resolved quickly so it did not require an ICN.

Customers are advised to regularly visit our ICN pages for the latest published ICN updates.

In Progress

In all of these cases:

  • We are working to collate all available information and assess any impact to NHS Supply Chain customers.
  • Customers are reminded to order based on requirements, to support the entirety of the NHS having continuity of supply.
  • If you have any immediate issues then please contact your Customer Relationship Manager or Customer Services Advisor.

There are currently none.

Moved to ICN

‘Early Informs’ in this section have now progressed to an ICN and can now be found in our ICNs section.

Delisting Johnson & Johnson Sutures

ID:  2172
Date: 19 June 2023

  • NHS Supply Chain has been made aware of Johnson & Johnson’s intention to delist a number of suture lines that will be replaced by their ‘Plus’ range. This follows guidance from NICE on the use of ‘Anti-Microbial’ sutures that can be seen at

Supply Issues Medtronic Limited GIA Stapling Products

ID:  2096
Date: 11 April 2023

  • NHS Supply Chain has been made aware of a production issue with the following product codes:
    FGS272 / GIA6038S
    FGS273 / GIA6048S
    FGS278 / GIA6025L
    FGS274 / GIA8038S
    FGS275 / GIA8048S.

Suction Catheters

ID:  2081
Date: 23 March 2023

  • NHS Supply Chain has been made aware of supply issues with GBUK catheters due to a raw material shortage limiting supply across the range.

Syringes Needles and Associated Products – Polyflush Prefilled Syringes

ID:  2077
Date: 20 March 2023

  • NHS Supply Chain has been made aware of a change to the label of these products:
    Polyflush Prefilled Syringes – Sterile Content 3ml, 5ml, 10ml
    FWC620, FWC640 and FWC658

Supply Issues Circular Stapling Range Johnson & Johnson

ID:  1982
Date: 10 January 2023

  • NHS Supply Chain has been made aware of a potential problem with CDH circular staplers supplied by Johnson & Johnson.

Supply Issues Infant Feeding and Associated Accessories
Medela UK Ltd

ID:  1844
Date: 25 October 2022

  • NHS Supply Chain is aware of a backlog of orders and shipping delays following the implementation of a new ordering system by Medela UK Ltd.

Supply Issues Drapes
Medline and 3M

ID:  1523
Date: 25 January 2022

  • NHS Supply Chain is aware of an issue with drapes supplied by Medline and 3M.


There are no current Early Informs in this section.