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EVIS X1 Transnasal Endoscopy Package - Flexible Endoscopes

Reference: 1312
Type: DHSC Fund Promotion
Start Date: 20 February 2024
Expiry Date: Available whilst stocks last

Save a minimum of 10% when purchasing one of two packages for Transnasal Endoscopy through NHS Supply Chain.

Obtain additional savings when purchasing one of the Olympus EVIS X1 Video System Transnasal Endoscope options below through NHS Supply Chain, available whilst stocks last.

The options included in this offer are:

  • Option 1 – Four x GIF-H190N Transnasal Endoscopes.
  • Option 2 – Eight x GIF-H190N Transnasal Endoscopes.

Transnasal endoscopy represents an effective alternative technique for diagnostic gastroscopy using ultra-thin gastroscopes, which can improve procedural and hospital efficiency, whilst enhancing the patient experience.

It can be performed by trained nurses, as a Nurse-led procedure, outside of the traditional endoscopy room – potentially requiring smaller teams and freeing up space for complex therapeutic and diagnostic procedures.

Transnasal gastroscopy with gastroscopes from Olympus can provide a safer and more tolerable procedure. Whilst a conventional oral gastroscopy may restrict tongue movement, intubating via the nasal cavity allows patients to talk to their endoscopist throughout their procedure – making the process potentially less stressful.

Additional major benefits for patients are that they often do not require sedation, minimising the overall risk of the procedure, reducing preparation time and shortening procedure time, which can help to improve recovery times, increase patient throughput and reduce costs.

By providing flexibility in where procedures can be performed and increasing hospital efficiency, transnasal endoscopy offers an attractive alternative to support the needs of both endoscopists and patients.

Features and Benefits

Transnasal endoscopy can improve procedural and hospital efficiency, whilst enhancing the patient experience:

  • No anaesthesia needed
    • Fewer risks and complications
    • No cannulation required
    • No restriction once the patient is discharged from hospital.
  • Better patient experience
    • Reduction of gag reflex
    • Faster procedure times
    • Enables communication between endoscopist and patient.
  • Efficient use of work space
    • Enables use of smaller treatment rooms
    • Free up endoscopy units for complex therapeutic and diagnostic work.
  • Free-up resources
    • Nurse-led procedure allows for a flexible approach
    • Smaller teams required.

This offer is over and above the standard discount available through the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount will be available until all systems on the commitment deal are sold.

For more information, please contact

Sian Lister

Category Manager – Flexible Endoscopy

07714 041 730