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Compare and Save has saved trusts £21.7m* since April 2013.

What is Compare and Save?

Compare and Save offers you a range of products for you to choose from, giving you the opportunity to make savings on products that you buy regularly.

We aim to:

  • Support you to realise big savings by driving best value, quality and safety.
  • Help you achieve the balance between achieving cost savings and ensuring patient safety.

How can we support you to maximise savings?

We can provide you with detailed data about your buying history through NHS Supply Chain to help you maximise potential savings. The information is provided in an easy to read handy summary sheet and will help you to:

  • Review the products that you buy and how much you spend.
  • Compare the products that you buy with lower cost comparable products.
  • Identify where you can make cost savings without compromising on quality.
  • Calculate how much you could potentially save.

What are the next steps?

Tailored support is available from NHS Supply Chain. Our Clinical Nurse Advisors can offer support in working through your plans, facilitating meetings and arranging sample support for your product evaluation, in order to help you implement any changes that you decide to make. Please note that any clinical decision (and any changes made as a result of those clinical decisions) must be made by you, not NHS Supply Chain.

Compare and Save Opportunities

Compare and Save is available on the following framework agreements.

Contact your Account Manager to find out how much you could potentially save by switching to a comparable product.

Framework Agreement Potential Savings
Wound Closure Strips 46%
Surgical Mesh and Fixation Devices 43%
Airways Management 32%
Intravenous Cannula and Associated Products 31%
Airways Management Consumables 30%
Needlefree Connection Systems and Associated Products 27%
Respiratory Solutions 26%
Anaesthetic and Resuscitation Consumables 24%
Bile Bags and Associated Tubing 22%
Tray Wrap and Sterilisation 21%
Urology Bowel and Faecal Management Products 19%
Immobilisation and Associated Products 19%
Advanced Wound Care 17%
Extension Sets And Lines 17%
Suction Consumables 17%
Clinical Waste Containers 16%
Wound Drainage and Post Operative Autologous Blood Systems 16%
Blood Collection Systems and Blood Lancets 15%
Dental Consumables 14%
Pharmacy Bulk Products 12%
Aids For Daily Living Including Walking Aids 12%
Gravies, stocks and sauces 12%

Potential savings have been calculated based on the band 1 price of the primary product (i.e the products currently used by trusts) minus the band 1 price of the alternative product multiplied by the last 12 months actual quantity purchased. Alternatives have been highlighted by NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement suppliers which highlight contract price differentials. Alternatives are of similar products and trusts will need to carry out their own review in order to see if they are suitable for their own requirements. Savings opportunities may be impacted by local pricing. Potential savings opportunities are based on the lowest available band 1 priced alternative across the framework agreement. All information correct at time of going to press.

Coming Soon…

Compare and Save will soon be available on the following framework agreements.

Surgical Sutures and IV Cannulae Compare and Save

Compare and Save Webinars

Click here to view our webinars on Dressings and Wound Care and Haemostats and Wipes.

Not currently purchasing from us?

Don’t worry, our Account Managers are here to help you identify how Compare and Save can work for you and your trust.

*Savings have been calculated based on the year on year cash releasing savings, base price minus price paid multiplied by the quantity purchased. Savings have been calculated based on the purchase history of customers, where the sales have stopped on one (or more) products and then started on the identified alternative product. All savings correct at the time of going to publication.

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