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Nationally Contracted Products (NCPs)

The Nationally Contracted Products (NCP) initiative is aligned to the Operational Productivity Review by Lord Carter of Coles. National demand is aggregated, in order to purchase products on behalf of the whole of the NHS to optimise value and support high quality patient care.

A focus on product range standardisation is designed to remove unwarranted variation (including variation that can cause adverse patient safety events). This is done at a sub category or product line level, through commitment to procure from an appropriate number of suppliers.

Product assurance provides customers with confidence, by using a process of product evaluation and engagement with end users. Broader customer assurance is achieved through wider clinical engagement. This product assurance process is overseen by the Clinical and Product Assurance team (CaPA). Procurement strategies are supported via a network of trusted customers and reference trusts.

NCP Programmes Schedule

All dates in our NCP Programmes Schedule are subject to change.