NCP FAQs Disposable Pressure Infusers


1. Which products have been included in this NCP?

Lot 1 disposable pressure infusers.


2. Which suppliers were successful?

Blue Box Medical.


3. Are any suppliers being delisted?

Fannin (UK) Limited.


4. Will all products be stocked in all depots?



5. How were the awarded products evaluated?

The products were evaluated as per the Clinical and Product Assurance (CaPA) framework process.


6. Will you still have stock of current products available when the disposable pressure infusers NCP is launched on 30 March 2020?

Existing products will be available until 29 March 2020 at which point you will only be able to order the NCP products.


7. Are the NPC codes changing?



8. Do I need to make any system changes to update standing orders and favourite lists?

Updates to favourites lists, standing orders and eDC requirements should be carried out by the trust in line with your normal procedures.


9. Are samples available?

Examples of the new product can be made available, one per trust, for the purposes of viewing the product that will be available to order. Please note this is an ‘example’ not a ‘sample’ and therefore the product and specification has already been CaPA (Clinical and Product Assurance team, NHS Supply Chain) assured and clinically evaluated by internal and external evaluation teams and customer representatives from the NHS.

Please contact your Clinical Nurse Advisor (CNA) with the clinical rationale for the example requirement, your CNA will then liaise with the customer support team to order it. Please note, for this supplier there is a 3 week lead time upon placing an order.

See our Useful Links section for CNA Contact details.


10. What supply chain resilience can you guarantee if the supplier has a supply issue?

The NCP procurement process includes a range of due diligence activities to ensure there is supply chain resilience and sustainable continuity of supply to NHS customers.

Both NHS Supply Chain and the suppliers have increased stock holding and, in the event of any supply issue, direct alternatives will be supplied, at point of order, at no extra cost to the trust.


11. What will happen if I choose to order directly from the supplier?

NHS Improvement has been engaging with trusts directly over the expectation that they will support this national programme. Monitoring of trust spend will be in place through the national price benchmarking tool and, where a trust is not participating in the national savings programme, their actions will have to be justified.


12. What impact will this have on any customer commitment discounts and retrospective rebates?

In line with the recommendations of the Carter report there is a national strategy to deliver transparent pricing. There are therefore:

  • no commitment discounts/ retrospective rebates
  • no local commitment discounts/ retrospective rebates
  • no facilitated commitment discount schemes.

13. What do trusts do should there be any clinical or other issue with the product allocated to their trust?

In the first instance please contact your Customer Services Advisor.

See our Useful Links section for contact details.


14. What if my trust is currently buying a similar product at a cheaper price?

Benchmarking prices using NHSI’s national price benchmarking tool PPIB, will highlight where a trust may be paying a cheaper local price. We would ask you to please notify NHSI and your Account Manager of these instances in order that the situation can be addressed.


15. What support will be available to trusts during the implementation/conversion period to minimise the impact on current resources?

Support will be available from your Account Manager, and the successful supplier on the NCP programme can provide you with product training and information if required.

Information is also available via our Clinical Nurse Advisors.
See our Useful Links section.


16. Where can I get more detailed information?

See our Useful Links section for the latest information about the NCP programme.

You can also contact your Account Manager or Customer Services Advisor.
See our Useful Links section for contact details.