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National Pricing Matrices

What is a National Pricing Matrix?

A National Pricing Matrix (NPM) is offered at the discretion of the supplier on selected products or frameworks (contracts). Each NPM allows a customer to benefit from a discounted pricing structure from a supplier in return for either a value or volume commitment, for an agreed time period.

NHS Supply Chain supports and facilitates the NPM process from start to finish ensuring compliance and reporting.

Who can access the NPM savings?

  • Trusts or non-centrally funded customers, dependent on supplier approval.
  • Collaboratives or aggregation of spend across customer groups may be applicable – contact your Hospital Care Team for further details.

Please note:

  • Suppliers reserve the right to amend previously agreed tiers, if the value or volumes committed to by the customer fall short over the agreed time period.

How do I sign up for an NPM?

  • Please discuss your savings opportunity with your Hospital Care Team.
  • Your Hospital Care Team will then liaise with the Category Tower Service Provider (CTSP).
  • Your Hospital Care Team will also continue to support you with the NPM sign up process and will communicate timelines for pricing set up.

There are now a number of frameworks that have supplier NPMs available.