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Certifications and Compliance

Regulatory certificates and information about MHRA authorisation, answers to Frequently Asked Questions on compliance and regulations.

We have been authorised by the MHRA for the procurement and supply of General Sales List (GSL), Pharmacy (P) and Prescription Only Medicines (POM) under WDA(H) 50149 since 2019.

Our last inspection by the MHRA was in July 2021 and the authorisation was updated to include a second Responsible Person and a new primary site for procurement activities. MHRA inspection findings are classed as Other, Major or Critical.

As we received only Other findings, we were put on a four-year inspection cycle at the time.

We operate a regulatory compliant Quality Management System that encompasses all the requirements defined in the 2022 Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Distributors.

As the management function of NHS Supply Chain our third party storage and distribution service provider is currently Unipart Group Ltd (WDA(H) 52571).

For further information about our authorisation please visit:

See our Useful Links section or our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for a wide range of information and insights into the activities we undertake. This includes links to the most commonly requested information regarding our regulatory obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find information on SCCL’s approach to sustainability, social values, human rights, labour standards or modern slavery?

See our Useful Links section – please let us know if the information you are looking for is not available.

Do you publish annual reports and / or financial statements?

Yes – these are typically available on SCCL’s corporate website. See our Useful Links section for a link to our publication scheme, which includes further links to our Annual Reports and Financial Statements.

What are your key business objectives for the current financial year?

We publish an annual Business Plan with full details of our priorities, partnerships and our commitment to improving ways of working. See our Useful Links section for a link to our Business Plan.

Do you have a Business Continuity Policy?

Yes. We are committed to ensuring that there is a robust Business Continuity Framework in place to continue or recover critical activities and that we can recognise, detect and manage any disruption affecting people, assets or places of work. The Business Continuity Framework is split into three main areas: governance and oversight, business continuity planning and incident management.

For further information about Risk Management or Business Continuity, please contact

What is your approach to managing key risks?

In order to make sure that we are focusing on what matters most we have a Risk Management Framework that differentiates between those risks that could prevent SCCL from achieving its strategic objectives and other risks. Risks are captured on a risk management system, Corestream. The most important risks are reviewed each month by the Supply Chain Executive Team with regular risk management activity overseen by the Risk Steering Group and supported by a network of Risk Champions. They ensure appropriate actions are being taken to mitigate key risks and also monitor key risk indicators.

What policies and procedures are in place to ensure regulatory compliance?

We are audited by an external auditor to provide additional assurance that we have robust policies and practices in place. They assess our risk policies and Business Continuity frameworks, ensuring that the plans we have in place are regularly tested – and that we undertake proper procurement and other essential trading activities.
Unless legally required, we do not as a rule share or publish copies of every policy or the reports of these essential trading activities. However, should you wish to request additional information that is not provided on our website you can do so via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

Where can I find Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests, or submit a request for information?

See our Useful Links section – to save time, we publish a number of previous requests and we have a dedicated FOI section of our corporate website for SCCL, the Management Function of the NHS Supply Chain.

Downloads ▼

  • Quality Management Systems Certification

    ISO9001:2015 Certification for Quality Management Systems.
  • Environmental Management Systems Certification

    ISO14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management Systems.
  • Wholesale Distribution Authorisation

    Wholesale Distribution Authorisation for the supply of medicines.