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Bulk Deal Savings

Through our access to the Department for Health and Social Care’s Working Capital Fund we can provide significant discounts when buying capital equipment. We do this through bulk purchasing deals with suppliers under the terms of our existing framework agreements.

Using this fund, NHS Supply Chain works with suppliers to remove the costs that order patterns can create and then pass the subsequent savings to NHS trusts.

We do this by committing to buy a set number of devices at base specification that allows the supplier to have confidence in pre-booking the manufacturing and delivery processes.

Your trust still has flexibility over the final specification depending on your specific requirements, while benefitting from these savings.

The NHS Supply Chain Ophthalmology Framework team has put in place several commitment deals that utilise the buying power of the NHS to benefit individual trusts.

Current bulk buying offers
You can see the latest deals available on our ophthalmology savings opportunities page. See our Useful Links section for more information.

It also includes framework compliant temporary special offers from suppliers which expire automatically after three months.

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Bulk deal savings

Maximise savings when buying capital equipment

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