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What we need from you

In association with your local Account Manager complete an Account Management Scoping Document for ophthalmology. This will be passed to us to review and assess the opportunity.

See our Downloads ▼ section for the scoping document.

To maximise opportunities for your trust, our team will need to understand what is currently in place and when existing contracts come to an end.

We will work with you to fulfil your requirements, whether that is to maintain existing supply options or make wholescale changes, including implementation of efficiency programmes.

We can only progress your request once we have:

  • A completed benchmarking template – this is available from our Ophthalmology Category Managers
  • Your trust’s most recent 12-month spend data
  • For new capital equipment a Statement of Requirements (SOR) tailored to your end user specification will also need to be completed.

Our analysis allows us to produce a Spend Efficiency Report (SER) for your trust highlighting:

  • Current spend distribution across all categorised areas of spend
  • Current spend versus framework for ‘quick wins’
  • For new capital equipment, a bid summary of quoted product options and savings offered will be provided for trust evaluation.

The team will talk you through all the different options and guide you through the next steps allowing your trust to make an informed choice on the next steps and how to access the opportunities available.

We will look at three main avenues when reviewing ophthalmology:

  1. We can present data on an “as is” basis for your trust to just switch to the framework agreement on a no commitment basis. Once data is received, and all information is correct this will take approximately three weeks to run through our data team. The same document will also present options for volume commitment. For implementation and code loading this will take approximately six weeks in line with internal policies and procedures that must be followed.
  2. Alongside doing the “as is” benchmarking process we can run a further analysis to establish alternative products from the supplier base. This process takes around 12 weeks to complete.
  3. We also offer the option to amortise Capital Equipment via the cost of the consumables and this can be utilised under Lot 7 of the framework.

What you can expect from us

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What we need from you

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