Out of Hours, Urgent or Emergency Deliveries

We recognise that occasionally situations occur when you may need clinical products in a hurry.

We aim to provide deliveries to your trust wherever possible, in relation to ‘urgent’ requests (where products are required outside the standard 48 hour delivery cycle) and ’emergency’ requests (those related to major incidents and/or medical emergencies).

Urgent deliveries | Special picks
In the event that you require a product urgently for a same or next day delivery, a special pick can be arranged. As special picks are more costly to process and deliver, these should be kept to a minimum.

In the event that a request is made without a valid reason i.e. it is not directly related to patient care, then an additional charge of £35 may be levied, in addition to any courier costs incurred.

See our Useful Links 🔗 section to contact your Customer Services team at the earliest opportunity with a reason for the request. They will inform you if your request can be accommodated and what charges, if any, will be applied.

Urgent deliveries | Unscheduled deliveries

These are 48 hour deliveries requested outside of your normal preferred delivery date. These are more costly to process and deliver and you may be charged for the delivery dependent upon the route.

See our Useful Links 🔗 section to contact your Customer Services team in the first instance, stating the reason for your request.

Support in the event of a major incident or clinical/medical emergency

NHS Supply Chain has a proven emergency service that is available to NHS trusts 365 days per year, 24 hours per day and is committed to delivery of a stocked product within 5 hours of any emergency request being received.

For products that are not stocked within our distribution centre network such as Blue Diamond or eDirect products, then we will endeavour to obtain stock for delivery within the shortest time possible.

Office hours

If the emergency occurs within working hours (Monday – Friday) 8am to 5pm then you simply contact your normal Customer Services Advisor.

See our Useful Links 🔗 section for details of our Customer Services Advisors.

Out of hours telephone numbers

For emergencies that occur outside of working hours, please contact your supplying distribution centre using the telephone numbers listed below.

Please note: Before using any of the supplying distribution centre emergency numbers listed, please check which depot you are serviced from.

North West England


  • 01928 858 500

North East England


  • 01924 328 722

North Midlands


  • 01623 587 173

East of England


  • 01622 402 691

Central England


  • 01623 587 092

Southern England


  • 01622 402 669

South West England


  • 01623 587 187

See our Downloads ▼ section for more information on our out of hours, urgent and emergency deliveries.

Downloads ▼

  • Out of Hours, Urgent and Emergency Deliveries

    A PDF file detailing our Out of Hours, Urgent and Emergency Deliveries information.