What is the Procurement and Savings Calendar?

Our new combined Procurement and Savings Calendar will give you an overview of all the Contract Launch, Nationally Contracted Products (NCP), Compare and Save, and Price Ranking activity across different frameworks all in one place.

It is available in excel format and will be updated on a weekly basis. If you click on the Framework / Contract Title for the up and coming Contract Launch, NCP, Compare and Save, and Price Ranking activities it will take you straight through to the relevant web page.

You will be able to use the calendar to schedule procurement opportunities into your Cost Improvement Plans which will help you to maximise savings throughout the year.

What are the next steps?

You can download the Procurement and Savings Calendar


Contact your Account Manager for more information on the potential savings opportunities.

Each of the savings delivery opportunities sit under the 24 National Category Strategies, which are aligned to our national Trusted Customer Programme.

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