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New Innovative HidraWear Wearable Dressing Improves Quality of Patient Recovery

4 December 2023

As part of the NHS Innovation Service, NHS Supply Chain works with partners such as NHS England, NHS Improvement, the National Institute for Health, Care Excellence (NICE), and Health Innovation Networks (HINs) to support the introduction of new technology and innovation into the NHS that provides demonstrable benefits for our patients and users.

To facilitate this, we are utilising a procurement process called a Voluntary Ex Ante Transparency notice (VEAT) which enables us to be more responsive in bringing innovative products to the market.

The latest innovation to be launched through the NHS Supply Chain route is a range of HidraWear products. These are made specifically for managing Hidradentis Suppurativa flares, they remove the need for the dressings to be adhesively attached to the skin with tape while still holding the dressing in position. Leading to quicker, less painful dressing changes, no leakage, and more freedom for patients to move.

HidraWear is available to order via our online catalogue from 4 December 2023.

About HidraWear

  • HidraWear dressings are designed to lock in large amounts of wound exudate whilst the base layer holds the dressing in place. The fastener engages and secures the dressing through the targeted “functional windows” in the garment. This empowers patients to self-manage their wounds, and therefore reduces a considerable number of hospital and clinic visits, as well as lowering the amount of community care resources required to support the patient.
  • The range of garments available come in a variety of sizes – details below:
HidraWear Crop Top Size Chart
HidraWear Briefs Size Chart
HidraWear Mens Boxer Size Chart
HidraWear T Shirt Size Chart

Why is it Innovative?

HidraWear is recognised as being innovative as it allow patients to easily change dressings themselves using the new patented technology.

What are the Benefits?

HidraWear allows patients to be less restricted by non-adhesive options like bandages and nets, which can be bulky and indiscreet and can fail if not dressed correctly.

Alternatively, using a regular adhesive dressing can cause pain, irritation, and skin damage, especially when they may require regular changing.

Additional Information

You can find out more detail about how to order and additional support on our contract information page.

The Strategy Opportunities for Medical Technology Products document is available to view on our website, this gives an overview of all the available Medical Technology Innovation Opportunities that are available via NHS Supply Chain and any relevant adoption guidance.