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NHS Supply Chain is happy to accept product returns providing they are in line with our returns policy below. Our Customer Services Team will then help you make the necessary arrangements.

Our returns policy

We are happy to accept product returns from you, providing they are:

  • Reported in time – You will need to report any discrepancies to Customer Services at the earliest opportunity within 3 working days of the delivery, unless agreed otherwise.
  • Returned within time – Upon agreement of a return, we will provide you with the latest acceptable collection and return date. To ensure that we are able to action your return, we must receive your goods by this date.
  • Fit for resale – Unless the items were found to be damaged on arrival at your delivery point, returned goods must be in a condition fit for resale, unopened and not written on.
  • Over £10 in value – To ensure a cost effective service in relation to the collection, processing and restocking of returned items, and to ensure that unnecessary costs are not incurred by the greater NHS, a minimum order value of £10 per product line for return requests is in place. Orders below this value cannot be returned and will not be credited in the event of a customer order error.
  • Safe Storage – Before accepting return of any product, we are required to ask for confirmation that the product has not been contaminated, or at risk of contamination while in a customer’s possession.

We are unable to accept product returns from you, if they are:

  • Non returnable products – We have a number of products which are non returnable. These include some consumable items, including paper and some high value products. Your Customer Services Advisor will advise you if a product is not returnable and will help you to redistribute the product(s) within your trust.
  • Licensed Medicinal Products (LMP) – NHS Supply Chain cannot accept returns for resale of products classed as LMPs due to the restrictions placed on us by the MHRA and EU regulations for the Wholesale Distribution of Medicines for Human Use.

Providing all of the above criteria have been satisfied, our Customer Services team will then:

  • Provide you with a call log number for your reference.
  • Raise a return on the system (an “uplift”) and provide you with an uplift number, along with a date and time when the items will be collected. We will email you a copy of the ‘returns’ paperwork for you to enclose with the items to be returned to us. Please ensure that the items for return are made available to the delivery driver at this time, and that you retain one copy of the signed paperwork as proof of collection.
  • Once the items have been received by us, a credit will be raised for the value of the goods.

eDirect product returns

All eDirect products need to be returned directly to the supplier, and not NHS Supply Chain. Your Customer Services Advisor will be happy to assist you when dealing with eDirect product returns.

eDirect suppliers may levy a charge for the return of an item. Any additional costs that would be incurred will be discussed and advised prior to the collection being made.

Product recalls

Occasionally, it may be necessary for us to recall products as directed by either the supplier or the Medical Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA). On such occasions, information regarding the recall will be emailed to your nominated supplies department to cascade and manage within your organisation. Our Customer Services team will coordinate all activities relating to the return, replacement or crediting of any products that may be recalled.

Whilst suppliers may occasionally choose to manage the recall directly with customers, our Customer Services team will always be available to assist and support you with any product recalls.

See our Useful Links section for information on specific recalls in our Important Customer Notices pages.

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