New and Existing Suppliers

General information

The new NHS Supply Chain is a redesigned service that aims to deliver improved procurement and logistics support to the NHS – See our Useful Links 🔗 section to read more about us.

Each supplier that provides products into NHS Supply Chain has a separate and unique working relationship with us. We aim to find an approach that meets your unique requirements.

When you become a supplier to NHS Supply Chain, you will be given a username and password to access Supplier Portal, an online system to support supplier management tasks such as:

  • viewing the stock position of your products
  • creating and running reports including customer demand and service levels
  • accessing key NHS Supply Chain contacts
  • creating Advance shipment Notice (ASN) for the National Distribution Centre (NDC)
  • amending Blue Diamond and stock orders and confirmed eDirect deliveries.

Please contact us for more information about procurement processes.

For contact details and if you are unsure which Category is most applicable to your product portfolio, please See our Useful Links 🔗 section to visit our Categories page.

Procurement and Savings Calendar

Our Procurement and Savings Calendar is relevant to all suppliers (both current and prospective new suppliers) because it provides an overview of what tender activity is coming up. This should help with forward planning and knowledge of opportunities that are scheduled in our calendar for the current year.

See our Downloads ▼ section to view the Procurement and Savings Calendar

Working together

A collaborative relationship relies on honest and open communication and recognition of the joint objectives to deliver efficiency and savings to the NHS.

If you are experiencing any interruption in your supply to NHS Supply Chain, the quicker we understand the nature of the supply issues, the earlier we can respond in the most appropriate manner. We define issues as ‘Chronic’ (long term, major issue) or ‘Event’ (short term, one off supply issue).

Let your Supply Chain Team representative know how long the problem may last and we will work out how many of our customers are affected, and what actions we can jointly take to help mitigate the circumstances.

Working in a collaborative manner, we can mitigate chronic supply chain issues for our customers by working with suppliers to provide customer demand planning, product rationing and fast track availability of the supplier’s alternative products.

The Supply Chain Team can provide practical support around ‘Event’ issues. By utilising our stock management system throughout our distribution network, tools such as strategic rationing, demand profiling, forecasting and additional customer communications ensure rapid solutions to supply issues.

Please contact your allocated Supply Chain representative to see how we can work more effectively to support the NHS.

See our Useful Links 🔗 section for details of our Supplier Code of Conduct and more.

Contract and tender process

Understanding the regulations that govern NHS Supply Chain procurement.

In order for a product to be listed in the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue, it must be procured through a compliant tender and, if successful, will be listed on a Framework Agreement under the respective Category Tower Service Provider (CTSP).

NHS Supply Chain follows a compliant procurement process when purchasing goods for the NHS in accordance with Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR2015).

See our Useful Links 🔗 section for the following:

  • Where spend is above the Public Contracts Regulations threshold
  • NHS Supply Chain advertises all tender opportunities on Contracts Finder
  • EU rules dictate that an advert is placed for all tender opportunities in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), which can be viewed on the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) website

Where spend is below the threshold, contact NHS Supply Chain directly as we may be running a pilot in the category.

Meeting the needs of our customers.

Our tender and contract process is designed to meet the supply chain management needs of our customers.

The tendering process ensures that NHS Supply Chain’s Framework Agreements are awarded to suppliers who meet the criteria of the relevant tender. Evaluation is typically based on a best price and quality ratio.

Throughout the process, we typically engage with groups of clinical and medical professionals to ensure customer input is part of the product selection process.

Our tender process typically uses the open procedure, which meets proprietary and legal requirements and ensures that NHS Supply Chain customers can be confident that the products procured have followed a consistent and customer-driven contracting process.

Our eTendering service, ISS, provides a simple secure and efficient means for managing tendering activity and contract negotiations with suppliers online. It assists buyers and suppliers in reducing the time, effort and costs involved in the purchasing lifecycle.

By logging into ISS, you can:

  • view live procurement opportunities
  • express interest in Prior Information Notices (PINs) which notify the market of upcoming tenders and request suppliers to contact NHS Supply Chain to discuss the opportunities
  • express interest in live tenders
  • download the tender documentation suite and submit responses for live tenders.

See our Useful Links 🔗 section to login to the NHS Supply Chain Procurement Portal

Downloads ▼

  • Procurement and Savings Calendar

    An overview of what tender activity is coming up.