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Nationally Contracted Products

NHS Improvement national savings programme.

Procurement and Savings Calendar

Giving you an overview of all the procurement and savings opportunities in one place.

Compare and Save

Compare and Save

Our Compare and Save programme allows you to review potential comparative product savings.

Price Ranking

Price Ranking

Our at-a-glance price ranking sheets have been developed so you can review supplier prices with ease.

Top Proven Switches

Top Proven Switches are like for like products helping you to save money.

DH Consumables Fund

DH Consumables Fund

Achieving price reductions on high usage product lines through national volume commitment.

DH Capital Equipment Fund

Maximising your savings through bulk purchasing deals on capital equipment.

Savings Opportunities
Ultrasound All Systems

Ultrasound GE Healthcare All Systems

Save a minimum of 10% on all GE Healthcare ultrasound systems

Canon Medical Systems Ltd Aplio l Series

Canon Medical Systems Ltd Aplio I Series Commitment Deal

Siemens Healthineers ACUSON S2000™ Ultrasound System

Save 10% on the ACUSON S2000™ HELX Evolution Ultrasound System

Digital Radiographic Mobile System - Optima XR240amx

Save 5% when you upgrade to HD with this mobile X-Ray system

Cardio Q ODM

Patient Monitoring Cardio Q-ODM+

Save up to 75% on CardioQ-ODM+ Patient Monitor

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