Information for Clinical Choice

Information for Clinical Choice (ICC) has been developed to assist clinicians in the decision-making process when assessing the suitability of a product by providing a clear illustration and description of the features of a range of similar products supplied through NHS Supply Chain.

The criteria provided, in the form of a Product Matrix and Support Document, is the result of a product review, conducted by NHS Supply Chain Clinical Collaboration Teams (CCT), with support from clinical stakeholders from across the NHS.

The aim, alongside delivering savings back into NHS frontline services, is to ensure that clinical choice remains at the forefront of any product switching decision.

New for December 2021:

  • We have removed pricing information from the supporting documents on this page to make them more easily accessible.
  • The original versions of the files are still available for customers and NHS Supply Chain team members who have an account with log in credentials for this website.

December Product Matrix and Support Documents