Website and Systems

System Maintenance: Website ‘Outage’ Possible in January

14 January 2020

Website services will possibly be affected during one evening (14 January 2020).

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eDC Informed Ordering – In or Out of Stock and Sales Order Number

28 November 2019

Read about the latest update to eDC Informed Ordering.

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Search: Improvements to Searching for Important Customer Notices

22 November 2019

Find out how to search for and keep up to date with temporary supply issues, safety issues and product updates

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Access additional content with a website login

22 November 2019

Find out the benefits of having a website account and how to apply for one.

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System Account Hierarchy

18 November 2019

We have made essential changes involving the introduction of unique district identifiers to all of our customers.

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Search: How to Search for Both Products and Information

7 October 2019

Watch a 35 second video to learn how to search for both information (Website) and products (Online Catalogue).

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Update on eDC and eDC Gold Android handheld devices

28 June 2019

Read about the current status of the eDC and eDC Gold Android handheld devices project.

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Please Tell Us What You Think of our New Website

10 May 2019

Please read this to find out how you can give us your feedback - we look forward to hearing from you.

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Updates to our Billing system to support Scan4Safety

9 November 2018

Find out more about the latest updates to our Billing system and format of our invoices.

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Upcoming Change to Our System Account Hierarchy

19 July 2018

We are making essential changes that will involve the introduction of unique district identifiers across all customers.

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