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Online Catalogue – Keep Up To Date With Product Changes

21 December 2021

Find out how to stay informed about product changes by using the amendments section of our online catalogue.

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Search: Improvements to Searching for Important Customer Notices

1 December 2021

We are responding to your feedback and improving notices about temporary supply issues and safety alerts.

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Improving Our Website User Experience

10 November 2021

Keeping you informed about changes to our website's overall design.

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NHS Supply Chain Online Catalogue Update for Office and Stationery Products

4 November 2021

Improving our catalogue making it easier to order office and stationery products.

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Improvements to Your Online Catalogue and Ordering Experience

15 October 2021

Key changes made to your Online Catalogue recently - please read this brief update for more information.

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Core Technology Refresh Order Management Technology eDirect Release

23 September 2021

The latest update on delivering a new order management system across our network.

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Update on eDC and Home Delivery Service Ordering Issues

17 September 2021

An update on the recent catalogue refresh issues affecting Third Party EDI providers and NHS trusts orders.

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Enhancements to the Product Catalogues (Category Tower 6)

21 July 2021

Improving classification of products and devices is part of ensuring that we are easier to do business with.

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New Customer Services Telephone Numbers

20 July 2021

Our Customer Services Team will be moving to a new BT Cloud telephony system during June 2021.

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We’re Upgrading Our Website Servers

12 June 2021

You may need to add new IP addresses to your organisation's network.

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