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Tips for Searching for Stationery Items on the Online Catalogue

10 June 2022

With 9,000 stationery items on the catalogue with a range of descriptions and brands, including supplier’s own brands and our NCP products, we appreciate it is sometimes difficult to find the products you need.

We have listened to your feedback and understand the pain points when searching for stationery in our online catalogue. To help you, we have put together a list of the most commonly searched terminology for stationery items. Most items can be found by searching for the product name or a basic description rather than the brand name.

Here are a few examples:

Brand Name/Common TerminologyCatalogue Description
Blu TakAdhesive putty
BiroBallpoint pen
Hole punchPerforator
Post It NotesAdhesive notes
SellotapeAdhesive tape
Tipp ExCorrection fluid

If there’s a product you require and can’t find it in the catalogue, contact the Office Solutions team for assistance.

Facilities and Office Solutions team

We continue to listen to your feedback to improve and develop our online catalogue. See our Useful Links section for further articles on improvements and updates to the online catalogue. When using the search function, those products which are no longer available to order will now be displayed at the end of results page(s). This means you will be able to find and order available products quicker as these will be shown first.