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Important COVID-19 Supplier Updates

In facilitating the essential shipment of COVID-19 related medical equipment by air, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Department for Transport are working to ensure the legally required aviation permissions are processed promptly.

However, in order to minimise delay and reduce the risk of applications being rejected (for instance if the operator cannot satisfy safety or security standards), it is worth ensuring the logistics provider/airline is aware of the necessary steps for them to operate by air to/from the UK.

The necessary permissions differ regarding the nationality of the airline and their destination. However, general information on what is required to operate to the UK is published here. If permissions are needed, the operator should leave sufficient time for these permissions to be processed and apply as soon as they are able to.

If the operator is in any doubt about what they need, are a new/small operator, or if they have not operated to/from the UK before, then we advise they consult this advice and if needed, get in touch with the UK CAA at the earliest opportunity.

COVID-19 offers of support

The government is now in a position where they have sufficient contracted supplies to meet demand, and the total volume of offers they have is far greater than any foreseeable future requirement. They are therefore no longer accepting offers for Personal Protective Equipment. They have also closed down all existing offers submitted that are surplus to requirements.

However, the Government is still seeking offers of tests and testing facilities. Find out more on the website.

For business as usual supplier updates and details on how to become a supplier, please visit our Become a Supplier section.

Impact on HCTED Programme

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the NHS England and NHS Improvement specialised High-Cost Tariff-Excluded Devices (HCTED) programme.

To allow NHS providers to devote maximum operational effort to the NHSE/I COVID-19 action plan*, NHSEI have advised a temporary pause on any new migrations to the central supply route for HCTEDs.

Where an NHS provider has completed migration to the central supply route, they must continue to place orders via this route.

*This action plan was laid out in a direct communication to NHS Providers from Simon Stevens and Amanda Pritchard on 17 March 2020.

End of Transition Period (EoTP)

Perishable Foods Statement from Defra

Defra confirms the UK has a highly resilient food supply chain and are continuing to work with the food industry to ensure people across the country have the food and supplies they need.

The majority of food does not come into the UK from the Short Straits and as we have seen this year, the UK has a large diverse and highly resilient food supply chain – which has coped well.

The current disruption at Dover is a temporary effect of the Short Straits disruption and expect supply chains to recover quickly now the UK-French border is open.

Central Stock Build

If suppliers have specific questions regarding existing Central Stock Build (CSB) orders for EoTP please contact your usual Inventory and Procurement contacts within NHS Supply Chain as they will be best able to provide you with an up to date answer.

Should you have any general questions about NHS Supply Chain products and EoTP please contact:

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Team