NHS Supply Chain: Large Diagnostic Capital Equipment Including Mobile and Services

We support the NHS to plan, procure and finance medical equipment, maintenance and specialist services by offering a range of compliant framework agreements, service contracts and aggregation initiatives to drive savings and efficiencies.

  • Equipment Frameworks
    We provide compliant framework agreements covering a wide variety of medical equipment categories including imaging equipment, medical devices and radiotherapy treatment systems – see our Contracts section below.
  • Service Contracts
    We work alongside our NHS customers to implement compliant service contracts for Maintenance, Medical IT, Mobile and Strategic Clinical Solutions and asset finance solutions.

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We are pleased to invite you to join our webinar on 25 October 2019 which will provide you with updated information from our NHS Supply Chain Category Tower Service Providers.

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Equipment and Maintenance Planning

We provide short term and long term planning services to help you maximise your budget and increase savings.

  • Short Term Equipment Planning
    We have a dedicated Capital Planning team who work with you to coordinate your purchasing activities and achieve savings through our various aggregation initiatives. For more information about our aggregation opportunities, refer to our Multi Trust Aggregation (MTA) Calendar – please see Publications section.
  • Long Term Equipment Planning
    We can assist you in creating credible, long term replacement plans that will enable you to risk assess your equipment, prioritise your budget and provide robust finance forecasts. Find out more in the document called Strategic Investment Planning (SIP) Service – please see Publications section.
  • Case Studies
    We building a library of case studies for your reference, including from the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust – both have established long term plans for replacing vital equipment.
  • Maintenance Portfolio Planning
    We can support you to identify opportunities to deliver savings across your maintenance portfolio and ensure that you have the right cover levels for you needs.

We offer a range of financing options to ease your Capital budget constraints. Find out more in our download called Innovative Asset Finance Solutions – please see Publications section.

Category Guides

Please view our Category Guide for more information about our products and services.

You can also view our Framework Guide.

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