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Simulation Devices and Services Buying Guide

Through our Simulation Devices and Services framework agreement, we provide a comprehensive range of:

  • Adult forearm manikins used for IV training.
  • Airway management trainers.
  • Birthing simulators.
  • Full body simulation manikins.
  • Rescue manikins.
  • Upper adult torsos for training central venous catheter insertion.

There is one Lot on this framework with a wide range of listed items, plus many more. For example, if a product is not listed here, we can always add it to the framework and make it available to the customer if it is going to be purchased from one of the awarded suppliers.

Simulation Devices and Services

Covers all types of simulation devices for use within healthcare, education and public sector organisations. This includes:

  • Skills Trainers
  • Simulation Devices
  • Manikins
  • Relevant Software.

An improved way to purchase simulation devices and services

A compliant contracting solution for:

  • NHS trusts
  • Healthcare organisations
  • Education establishments
  • Wider public sector organisations.

The seven suppliers on the framework offer an extensive range of high quality simulation devices, educational and training products.

Manikins are available in different skin tones, sizes and complexity.

The procurement of this framework was undertaken following extensive engagement with various stakeholders including NHS organisations, higher educational organisations, the Resuscitation Council and suppliers to deliver a compliant contracting solution for customers.

Our framework agreement falls within our Diagnostic, Equipment and Services category.

Although products are purchased via direct route, we can support you in obtaining quotations from suppliers if required.

Savings opportunities may be available through switching opportunities.

Customers may elect to conduct a Further Competition where their specific requirements for goods and services are not defined in the framework agreement (but are covered within the scope of the specification).

Full body simulation manikin

This page provides an overview of how we can support you with your purchasing requirements for Simulation Devices and Services.

Suppliers on the framework

  • Gener8 Spaces Ltd
  • Laerdal Medical Ltd
  • Sim and Skills Ltd
  • Simulaids Ltd
  • Simulation Man Ltd
  • Wel Medical Ltd
  • Zoll Medical UK Ltd.

See our Downloads ▼ section for a file containing:

  • Product Matrix – detailing the products available within each product area and the suppliers that supply against each of these areas.
  • Supplier Matrix – contact details for the awarded suppliers on the framework.

Purchasing through the framework

The framework can be used in a number of ways (in accordance with Regulation 19 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and any subsequent amendment of re-enactment thereof).

You can use the ‘calling-off’ method of purchase – making a Direct Award.

Alternatively, you can re-open competition and run a Further Competition exercise amongst suppliers within one of the framework’s categories.

Man being guided on how to perform chest compressions on rescue manikin

Purchasing through the framework – Direct Award process and timelines

Typical process if you have already obtained a quotation from the supplier:

  1. Send quotation to us by email.
  2. Products checked against the framework to ensure the supplier has been awarded, the products are listed and the pricing is in line.
  3. We then issue you with a Unique Reference Number (URN).
  4. Average time – two or three days (may be up to two weeks for more complex requirements).

Typical process if you have the specification of your requirements and require a quotation from the supplier:

  1. Contact us with details of your requirement.
  2. We obtain and validate quotes from suppliers.
  3. Check quotations and select supplier.
  4. We issue a URN and advise successful supplier.

Note: if any products are not listed on the framework, we may be able to complete a range extension to the framework.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the Direct Award process or timelines.

Simulation Devices Team

We understand the importance of providing a quick and easy ordering process for our customers. We have a range of templates, documents and guidance materials to support you.

Purchasing through the framework – Further Competition process and timelines

You may decide you wish to complete a Further Competition under our framework. We have a range of templates and resources to guide you through the process. These cover the process from specification through to Invitation to Tender (ITT), including guidance material and are available on request. Please contact:

Simulation Devices Team

See our Useful Links section for further information on the Roles and Responsibilities for a Further Competition.

The average time that it takes to complete a Further Competition varies greatly as it is mainly down to the preparation of the documents which are completed by the customer. We can discuss your project and the relevant timelines with you when you are ready to initiate the project.

More information about our framework and how the tender was evaluated

The procurement process we undertook was based upon an open tendering procedure as detailed in the European Communities Combined Directive (2004/18/EC).

The tender was advertised as a single lot framework which was evaluated and assessed based on set criteria.

The evaluation involved two stages, qualifying and award; those tender submissions that met the qualifying criteria were then scored against the award criteria.

During the tender extensive pricing and discount structures were captured from all the suppliers for both evaluated lines and additional lines

The qualifying criteria included assessment of the following:

  • Compliance of bid
  • Regulatory compliance of devices and products
  • Compliance with contract regulations
  • Compliance with terms and conditions.

The award element of the evaluation was subsequently carried out based on quality (60%) and price (40%).

The quality score added to the price score gave the total of points, and a position on the framework was awarded to all suppliers meeting the 50% overall threshold.

Please note: If you are looking to carry out Further Competition, these thresholds can be changed to meet your individual requirements.

Next steps and support

If you are interested in purchasing through our framework then please get in touch and we will be happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

For all enquiries or to purchase via a Direct Award or Further Competition please contact us by email and a member of our team will be in touch.

Simulation Devices Team

Your ICS Manager is also able to assist with your purchasing requirements and can help you understand the different routes to market.

Downloads ▼

  • Framework Matrices Simulation Devices

    An Excel file containing the Product Matrix and the Supplier Matrix.