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Submit a Product Complaint

Our product complaints process starts with our Product Complaint Form. The process and form will resolve your complaints quicker and enable more engagement throughout the complaint life cycle.

See our Useful Links section to access the form.

Before proceeding with your complaint please note that we need, as a minimum, your Requisition Point Number (Req Number), and your Order Number to process your complaint, in certain cases we can locate the order number using your Req Point. If we do not have this information our ability to investigate will be limited and slow our response.

This complaint form is for product and food complaints only, it does not include queries and / or complaints about:

  • Home Delivery Service (HDS) continence products. HDS patients and customers should continue to use their current complaint process for any continence product related issues.

If you have any queries whilst completing the form or afterwards, please see ‘Support with submitting a product complaint’ on this page.

Access the form now

Please click here to access the form having read the information on this page.

If you see an error message or cannot access the new complaints form, please clear your website browser storage ‘cache memory’ and ‘cookies’ and try again. Also, please ensure that your trust network administrator or IT department is not blocking the form’s URL (web page address).

‘Whitelisting’ is covered in our FAQs on this page.

Product complaint form FAQs

What if the website is blocked by my organisation’s internal IT policy for external websites?

In the first instance please contact your internal IT team to request that the form’s URL (website address) is whitelisted.
If there are any further issues with access to the form contact NHS Supply Chain.

Please contact your Customer Services Advisor to log a complaint whilst the webform is whitelisted.

Is this form for Home Delivery Service continence products?

Any issues relating to continence products supplied via our Home Delivery Service (HDS) should be raised using the current process. This is to contact either the patient’s local healthcare provider or our HDS Customer Service Team who will progress the matter accordingly.

Can the complaint form be accessed by customers who use third party order systems and no catalogue access?

Yes, all customers can access the form from anywhere, with any device. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

Will I be able to access the complaints form from any device?

Yes, the complaints can be accessed from any browser on any device as long as you have an internet connection.

How will I know my complaint form has been submitted successfully?

The system will generate a message that reads ‘occurrence has been submitted successfully’. It will also provide you with a Product Complaint (PC) number. Please keep this PC number for your records.

Who can I contact for support?

In the first instance please see ‘Support with submitting a product complaint’ on this page.

Should I use this form to request an alternative based on preference?

No – the form is intended for use when a product is not functioning as intended (rather than to request an alternative colour or brand).

Support with submitting a product complaint