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OEC Miniview Mini C-Arm - Mobile Image Intensifier

Reference: 1261
Type: DHSC Fund Promotion
Start Date: 2 March 2023
Expiry Date: While Stocks Last

Save 9.7% off an OEC MiniView C-Arm.

State of the art Extremity Mini C-Arm with cutting edge technology currently with savings of 9.7% .

The OEC MiniView enables extremity surgeons to single-handedly capture clear, fast, and convenient images in surgical suites or clinical settings every day.

Features and Benefits

The OEC MiniView offers:

  • Large 11.8” (30 cm) Live and Reference images displayed side by side on a 27′ 4K display that also swivels and tilts for comfortable viewing.
  • Zoom images up to four times to see small anatomical details with Live Zoom at no additional dose.
  • Reduce dose with Low Dose mode easily accessible at X-ray tube head control panel.
  • See last fluoro sequence again without additional exposure with Fluorostore.
  • Plan procedures such as screws placement with Digital Pen, and potentially prevent unnecessary exposures.
  • Easily align X-ray to patient anatomy with green laser aimer and minimise additional X-ray positioning shots.
  • Easy to use SmartLock Technology with 33.4″ vertical travel range.
  • Fast system bootup in less then 90 seconds and a 5 minute standby power mode enabling you to unplug and move to another room.
  • Small overall footprint of 0.72m².

This offer is over and above the standard discount available throughout the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement. The discount will be available until all systems on the commitment deal are sold.

For more information, please contact

Martyna Golach

Category Manager

07785 367 852

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