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Master Indemnity Agreement: Approved Suppliers

The master indemnity agreement (MIA) register provides a list of all approved suppliers to NHS organisations in England for the purpose of providing loan or free of charge equipment.

If you have an MIA-related query, please contact 

On this page are the answers to some of your ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or FAQs about the Master Indemnity Agreement, or MIA.

The content is written for an intended audience of our suppliers (with the questions written as though they are ‘from a supplier’), but the information here will also be of interest to NHS trusts, customers and other key stakeholders.

FAQs – Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA)

How do I join the MIA register?

Once you have completed the MIA registration form you are required to send it back to together with evidence of a minimum of £5 million or equivalent insurance cover per claim, for both Product and Public Liability.
Registering on the MIA Register is free. Your application could take up to a week to process. Once your application has been successful, you will be allocated your MIA registration number. This is a one-off registration number which you will retain for as long as you remain on the MIA Register. The MIA register is updated every month. If you have registered in-between publications, your details will be published in the next edition.

What happens if one or more of my insurance certificates expires?

If you have not provided your renewed certificates by the expiry date, it is viewed that you no longer wish to remain on the MIA register. A failure by a supplier to provide insurance renewal certificates will result in NHS Supply Chain terminating the supplier’s overarching Master Indemnity Agreement and removing their details from the MIA register.
It is in both the supplier’s interests and the NHS trust’s interests to ensure that re-submission of documentation is done in a timely manner and prior to insurance policy expiry.
This avoids re-work and disruption to the over-arching agreement. You will need to complete a new MIA over-arching agreement if you wish to re-enter onto the MIA register. You will be allocated a new MIA registration number.

What should I do if my company’s name does not appear on the latest version of the published register?

If you cannot find your company or organisation’s name on the published register, it is likely that your previously provided insurance documents have expired. In this instance you will be removed from the MIA register in accordance with our published policy. You’ll need to re-register.
Please see ‘How do I join the MIA register?

Do I receive an insurance renewal reminder from NHS Supply Chain or before being removed from the published register?

No – it is the responsibility of every supplier to provide the necessary updated insurance documents prior to expiry occurring.
To remain on the MIA register you must provide evidence of a minimum of £5 million or equivalent insurance cover per claim, for both Product and Public Liability or equivalent (if your trading currency is not GBP) to

Do we need to send copies of call-off agreements?

No – these arrangements, along with the Terms and Conditions, are between the Authority (typically an NHS trust) and supplier so we do not ask for suppliers or trusts to send copies of these completed call off agreements and Terms and Conditions to us. Please ensure that for each individual call off agreement actioned, a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions are completed as well.

Is the MIA register just for England or does it also cover Scotland / Wales?

England only – organisations based in Scotland or Wales are not currently covered by this documentation.

If you have any other MIA-related query, please let us know and we will respond as soon as possible.

Downloads ▼

  • Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) Register 15 July 2024

    Download and check our current register to ensure you are included when your insurance certification is up to date.
  • Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) Guidance Notes

    Notes to provide additional support and guidance for suppliers.
  • Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) Form

    Please download this document to complete your details, then return to
  • Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) Call-Off Agreement

    Download and complete this form to arrange a call-off agreement with a supplier from the MIA Register.
  • Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) Terms and Conditions

    A document providing details of the full terms and conditions for the MIA.