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NHS Uniforms

Working towards a unified identity

We’re proud to introduce our trio of NHS National Uniform Projects designed to bring a strengthened, unified identity to the diverse roles within the NHS across England. Each project has been tailored to meet the specific needs of clinical teams, the ambulance workforce, and estates and facilities professionals.

Our aims for these projects – fostering a sense of professional pride, providing a consistent visual identity across the service, and enhancing public understanding of the roles within our partnering NHS trusts.

The NHS National Healthcare Uniform, NHS National Ambulance Uniform, and the NHS National Uniform for Estates and Facilities (E&F) Professionals share the same principles and common goals, and in return offer the same shared benefits.

The updated uniforms aim to bring comfort and clarity to our patients, service users, and visitors. We recognise that navigating the healthcare landscape can be overwhelming, particularly during challenging personal circumstances. By joining this initiative, trusts can help facilitate better recognition and understanding among the general public. Through increased uniform consistency and clarity of roles, we intend to ease some of the potential stress for those interacting with NHS services.

NHS uniforms

NHS National Healthcare Uniform

Designed specifically for our clinical teams, embodying the dedication and expertise of these professionals.

NHS National Ambulance Uniform

Tailored to the unique needs of our ambulance workforce, including paramedics and support centre operators.

NHS E&F Uniform

The National Estates and Facilities (E&F) Uniform project aims to introduce a national approach to garments worn by E&F professionals to enhance the image and recognition of the workforce.

Our commitment to you

Each National Uniform Project has been meticulously designed with the needs and input of NHS professionals in mind.

Whether your role is clinical-facing or not, we are dedicated to ongoing communication and transparency, ensuring that your trust’s journey towards a unified identity is as seamless as possible.

Join us in transforming the face of the NHS and building a shared identity we can all be proud of.