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Delisting B Braun Medical Ltd Sterican Hypodermic Needle Products Notice of Alternative (ICN 2549)

Important Customer Notice Delisting

Ref: 2024/2549 ICN Number: 2549


  • The supplier B Braun Medical Ltd has informed us of a product update with its Sterican Range of Hypodermic Needle products.
  • The product range is being improved. Due to the improvements, the new products have had a product code (NPC) change.
  • There are 16 product codes affected.


  • The old product codes will be phased out and will be delisted from our online catalogue within the next seven months and the new alternatives will then be added to the online catalogue at the same time.
  • Dates provided in the product listing and supplier letter are the anticipated availability dates for the new range.
  • For further information on the anticipated dates and alternative map, please see the attached letter from the supplier.
  • See our Downloads ▼ section to access the product listing for further information on the affected product codes and potential alternatives and the supplier letter.

Next Steps:

  • Customers are advised to log in to the website to access the product listing and potential alternatives.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Services Advisor.


Downloads ▼

  • 2549 B Braun Delisted Products with Alternatives 20 May 2024

    An Excel file showing the delisted products with alternatives for ICN 2549.
    Login to view the downloads
  • 2549 B Braun Supplier Letter 20 May 2024

    A PDF showing the supplier letter for ICN 2549.