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Supplier Board

Supplier Board

The Board is an open forum, under the governance of the National Procurement Council, for constructive and proactive discussion between Industry/Trade Associations, NHS Supply Chain, the Department of Health and the NHS BSA.

It is an action orientated group whose aims are to share visions, best practice and objectives, to set standards and ways of working for the future and to deliver benefits to the NHS.

A communication has been sent to all NHS Supply Chain customers from Richard Douglas, Director General, Finance and NHS, Department of Health and Nick Gerrard, CEO, NHS Supply Chain to all of NHS Supply Chain’s suppliers.

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As you will be aware, the NHS is facing an unprecedented financial challenge, with Trusts needing to achieve £2bn savings from their procurement activities. NHS Supply Chain has been tasked by the Department of Health and Cabinet Office to deliver a cash releasing savings target of £150 million by March 2016.

The email , which has been sent to all suppliers by NHS Supply Chain, contains a link to a letter that sets out some of the ways that NHS Supply Chain is committed to driving this value and calls on all its suppliers, including many of your members, to work in partnership with NHS Supply Chain to help deliver these critical targets for the NHS.

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Medical Supplier Board

The Medical Supplier Board, which has been set up in agreement with the NHS National Procurement Council, is governed by a terms of reference document (see Useful Documents page) which lays out the board’s purpose, members, inputs, outputs, escalation process and how the meetings shall be conducted.

The Medical Supplier Board will enable all members to share their strategic direction and provide the opportunity for any queries or complaints to be raised, excluding specific legal cases or issues.

The Medical Supplier Board will meet quarterly. The board agenda will be developed with agreement from all members, and each board member will have the responsibility of cascading outputs, actions and information to its association members’, supported by resources supplied in a dedicated area on the NHS Supply Chain website.

The main purpose of this board is to provide a forum for proactive discussion between NHS Supply Chain and Industry/Trade Associations, creating understanding between members and promote discussions around NHS Supply Chain and Industry/Trade Associations key strategies. The role of the Supplier Board is to provide an open forum for:

  • Constructive, proactive discussion between NHS Supply Chain and Industry/Trade Associations to create understandings and promote discussion around key strategies, healthcare trends and market changes;
  • Supplier’s representatives of the medical market to raise queries on the procurement processes and procedures, NHS engagement activities, pricing policies and strategies of NHS Supply Chain;
  • The review of initiatives and ideas that will fit with the Government agenda to take out complexities and improve efficiencies, which could be specifically aimed at helping those suppliers represented by the Industry/Trade Associations;
  • Development of a vision and joint strategies on NHS Supply Chain Supplier management, engagement and involvement.
  • Collaboration to respond to the increased requirement in the NHS to generate new and additional savings and benefits through exploring improvements to the whole supply chain, changes in products and proposing ways to remove cost from the system.


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