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Delisting Ecolab Limited Skin Disinfection Medicinal Products Videne Antiseptic MRB336 (ICN 2506)

Important Customer Notice Delisting

Ref: 2024/2506 ICN Number: 2506


  • Ecolab Healthcare have informed us of a change of presentation of the Videne antiseptic solution.
  • The 500ml bottle MRB336 is being replaced with a 200ml single use bottle DEC85020 in line with product Instructions For Use for pre-operative skin disinfection.
  • DEC85020 Videne 200ml has been licensed by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for single use.
  • The therapeutic indication of Videne Antiseptic Solution remains the same and Trusts should continue to liaise with their Infection Control Team and the clinical support available from Ecolab Healthcare to understand any possible changes to the risks involved with the use and storage of this product.
  • Trusts will see a very significant increase in cost per ml of this replacement product due to an Iodine increase of more than 240%. This increase is mainly driven by the costs of Iodine the active ingredient in this product as well as extraordinary storage and transport costs.
  • The product price has changed from 1p per ml to 4p per ml excluding VAT.
  • Please note the formulation has also been updated with a change in surfactant, this has no impact on the product use.
  • Ecolab Healthcare and NHS Supply Chain will be monitoring the cost of Iodine over the life of the Framework and Ecolab Healthcare has agreed to a price reversal mechanism should the price of Iodine fall.


  • MRB336 is available while the remaining stock depletes before being delisted from the catalogue.
  • The indirect alternative product DEC85020 from the same supplier is already available to order through our online catalogue.
  • See our Downloads section to access the product listing for further information on the affected product code and potential alternative and a PDF showing indirect alternative DEC85020 200ml Single Use Bottle Instruction For Use.
  • Ecolab Healthcare are available to help with any training/support required by the trust.
  • Major cost impact to the trust, trusts are advised to look at current trust protocols to determine true impact to trust.

Next Steps:   

  • Customers are advised to log into our website to view the indirect alternative product.
  • If you have any further questions, please contact your local NHS Supply Chain Customer Services Advisor.
  • Please note due to the change in bottle size we will be continuously monitoring any changes to demand. Ecolab Healthcare have confirmed they have sufficient stocks to support the changes.

Please note that due to the clinical nature of any indirect alternative products, we advise you to consult your own clinical experts to ensure suitability for your organisations use of these products.




Downloads ▼

  • 2506 Ecolab Limited Product Listing with Alternatives 17 April 2024

    An Excel file showing the product listing with alternatives for ICN 2506.
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  • 2506 Instruction For Use Single Use Bottle DEC85020 200ml 17 April 2024

    A PDF showing Instruction For Use Single Use Bottle DEC85020 200ml for ICN 2506.
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