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Day in the Life of Darren Sorrell

24 November 2023

What’s your name and job title?            

Darren Sorrell, Client Account Manager (North).

What team do you work in at the NHS Supply chain?

I work in the Account Management / Sales team for NHS Supply Chain: Food.

What does your typical working day entail?

Each day varies and no two days are the same! My main activities include:

  • Trust engagement (teams or site visits).
  • Switch and save opportunities.
  • Collaborating with trusts.
  • Food concepts such as Food Forums, Chefs Academies and Pop Ups.

I also assist in sourcing suppliers who can tend to trust specifications, as well as helping reduce pain points. On top of this, I create contractual agreements and avenues for Trust catering staff to further education. Finally, I provide industry trends and insights, align supplier promotional days, and help improve the quality of service and product.

Please give an example of a successful project you have recently been involved in, and what was the value for the customer?

I am proud to have recently been part of a successful collaboration between six trusts (the first of its kind) across the Midlands, where a new regional supplier won business to supply Milk and Dairy Produce through our Dynamic Purchasing System (an ‘open market’ electronic system which suppliers can join at any time).

Darren Sorrell

We brought together the trusts over a six month period to collaborate and agree on a specialised supplier for all milk and dairy produce, including eggs, cheese and bread. We worked closely with each trust to ensure alignment and understanding around the complexities of reaching an agreed, final decision that worked for everyone.

Our collaboration went on to achieve fantastic savings in a period where inflation has been a huge challenge, whilst helping bring trusts closer together regionally.

All NHS trusts are focused on improving service levels and we are regularly meeting to share best practice, future collaborations, and pain points, as well as added value events such as the Chefs Academy. I cannot wait to continue this journey and this is hopefully the start of many more collaborations.

Working as part of an incredible team that share the same desires and passion allows us to achieve the best results.

What motivates you?

Being a pillar of support to the NHS provides me with immense motivation. Working as part of an incredible team that share the same desires and passion allows us to achieve the best results.

What job did you to prior to joining NHS Supply Chain: Food? Which previous role did you enjoy the most and why?

Prior to joining NHS Supply Chain: Food, I was a Key Accounts Manager in Food Service. I enjoyed customer engagement, presenting, hitting targets, customer satisfaction and building business initiatives.

Finally, tell us about yourself!

My outlook on life is ‘every day is going to be a positive one’. I am always happy to help where I can and will do my utmost to get the result required. Everything I do has to be polished and precise! I love working in a team and being able to create working relationships wherever possible. I am usually the person someone comes to when they need help or guidance.