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Delivering a More Sustainable NHS

20 April 2022

NHS Supply Chain has a crucial role in delivering a greener NHS that is both sustainable and resilient for the future.

We work with suppliers to provide high-quality care – from the provision of nutritious food and world-class medical equipment, to safe and secure healthcare supplies for all trusts. It’s our role to deliver this through a sustainable supply chain set against the NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap, which charts a route towards a net zero healthcare system and lays out a process for collaboration over the coming years.

Martin Toomey, Sustainability Manger for NHS Supply Chain

To become the world’s first carbon net zero national health system requires big changes for the NHS and for NHS Supply Chain as we look to drive better health outcomes and create economic, social and environmental value for our stakeholders.

NHS Supply Chain is committed to leveraging the strength of its people and operations to deliver health sustainably.

By the end of the decade, the NHS will no longer purchase from suppliers that have not aligned with our trajectory towards net zero carbon. As of 1 April 2022, all NHS trusts will adopt the Government’s Social Value Model, by including a minimum of 10% weighting on net zero and social value in all tenders.

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