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Important Announcement About Moving to PEPPOL

16 October 2021

The original updates about PEPPOL and announcement about the changes to ordering remain relevant two years on.

6 September 2019

Changes to ordering via PEPPOL

As part of NHS Supply Chain’s transition to using Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) standards, our IT teams and their partners NetEDI have been working with suppliers around the removal of support for all legacy electronic document exchange methods which is scheduled for 30 September 2019, including any documents sent as attachments to emails.

From 1 October 2019, we will be supporting Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) and a single format of email message for supplier orders. All EDI data will need to be sent via the PEPPOL network.

Any supplier still taking orders on an email from 1 October 2019, or who has not managed to move to PEPPOL, will be moved to this format. For more information and to read the most recent communication visit the NetEDI website.

Our PEPPOL providers NetEDI are available to support on the transitioning. To contact the NetEDI team please call 0800 319 6134 or email

28 May 2019

Announcement for NHS Supply Chain suppliers*.

*Please note: this is for suppliers who have not yet moved to PEPPOL – unless you are a smaller supplier and exclusively using the NHS Supply Chain portal for all documents.

Following the successful implementation of PEPPOL messaging by much of the supplier community, NHS Supply Chain is now able to move forward with its planned closure of all legacy EDI messages and interfaces.

This will consolidate all electronic business document exchange with suppliers onto the Department of Health and Social Care mandated PEPPOL standards for Orders and Invoices and the additional PEPPOL messages supported by NHS Supply Chain – Order Responses, Delivery Notes and Credits.