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A Significant Milestone Achieved for the Implementation of the NHS Supply Chain Strategy, Enabled by the Target Operating Model

2 May 2023

On 1 May 2023 Category Towers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 successfully transitioned into the central NHS Supply Chain team. This completes the transition of all medical towers and categories into the central team.

This is a significant milestone achieved as the transitions of the category towers are a key step to implementing the next iteration of NHS Supply Chain’s Target Operating Model.

Our long-term vision and strategy is to ensure that we align with the strategic priorities of the wider NHS so that we can bring greater value to the health and care system and make it easier for the NHS to put patients first.

We continue to focus on simplifying how we operate and partner more expertly with our stakeholders. Our medical products will be grouped into four distinct categories – Surgical Consumables; Rehabilitation and Community; Medical Technologies; and Diagnostics, Equipment and Services. These will enable the better tailoring of procurement activities based on dynamics within each market grouping.

Contracts have been awarded for our non-medical categories – Food to Foodbuy; and Facilities (including Office Solutions) to North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative. These contracts officially commence on 5 July 2023. Through these contract awards, we will be working collaboratively with our partners to drive innovation and implement a common model for excellence in category management.

The transition of all medical towers into the central NHS Supply Chain team will allow us to deliver greater value for our NHS partners and provide a more resilient supply chain. Having direct control over these categories will support us to work more strategically with those suppliers whose product portfolios cross different categories and simplify the way we work with them.

Supported by our Procurement Centre of Excellence based within the central team, we will create the standard for NHS Supply Chain in Category Management, Strategic Procurement, Sourcing, and Supplier Relationship Management, building on the foundations that already exist within the organisation.

Andrew New, CEO, NHS Supply Chain

We thank all of our service providers for their support with the transition of the category towers and for their hard work and commitment to support the NHS to deliver excellent patient care.