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Podcast: The Importance of Innovation

4 October 2023

The third episode of our podcast is out now.

In this episode you’ll hear from our Innovation team on the importance of innovation and the benefits it brings to the NHS. You’ll hear about how our Innovation team is aligned with the wider healthcare system and how we can help accelerate the introduction of innovation into the NHS and the key role of Value Based Procurement.

You’ll also learn how a supplier with an innovative product can get started, and how clinicians can find out about the innovations available to them. Our Opportunities for Medical Technology Products guide talked about in the podcast is on our website. See our Useful Links section where you can find the guide below.  

You’ll hear from:

  • Michaela Russell, Innovation Manager
  • Fay Allen, Innovation Manager
  • Tom Outram, Clinical Advisor, Value Based Procurement

See our Useful Links section to listen now on Spotify.

NHS Supply Chain Podcast Episode 3 logo featuring Michaela Russell, Tom Outram and Fay Allen

Innovation is not just about having a great idea, it’s about value for money, offering quality, and having a patient benefit at the end of it.

Fay Allen, Innovation Manager