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Integrating Sustainability Into Our DNA

11 July 2022

Integrating sustainability into the DNA of everything we do is crucial, not just for the patients of today, but for future generations.

As featured in The Guardian newspaper recently, Chris Holmes, our Director of Supply Chain, talks about topics including:

  • The close links between our Sustainability Priorities and our overall business plan
  • Removing an additional 2,900 tonnes of carbon from the supply chain
  • A commitment to remove 190 tonnes of single use plastics this year
  • Circular economy initiatives utilising re-manufactured or recycled products
  • Requiring suppliers to complete a labour standards assessment in key areas of risk
  • Embedding social value within tendering process.

Watch the video to learn more about the actions being taken by NHS Supply Chain through suppliers, service providers, and NHS trusts.

One of our key goals is to help the NHS to reach its goals of becoming carbon neutral by 2040.

Following our commitments at COP26, we are working with NHS partners to raise awareness of the relationship between health and the climate crisis, the NHS net zero ambition and its alignment with core-purpose activity.

Sustainability Image - Infographic