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Pricing and Invoicing

Our pricing policy

We operate a “price band” as opposed to “price breaks”. This is where the price charged relates to the unit of issue (UOI) the product is supplied in.

Price banding reflects the operational cost involved in receipting, storing, picking, packing and delivering a product; hence the charge being levied against the unit of issue ordered and supplied.

Each product in our catalogue will have a minimum of one price band relating to the quantities in which the product is issued:

  • Band one will be the price for an item purchased in its smallest unit of issue.
  • Band two and above will be the price for an item purchased in larger units of issue.
  • If a product has more than one price band, customers will be charged for the price band for the
    unit of issue ordered, and any bands that apply to that order.


Divisional NHS VAT group (identified by having a VAT registration number beginning with 654 followed by six digits).

Our online catalogue prices are inclusive of standard rate VAT where applicable. This means that the price shown in the NHS Supply Chain online catalogue is the price that you pay.

For price comparisons against other catalogues, ensure you uplift those prices by any prevailing VAT rate and related costs. Be aware that input VAT is likely to be non recoverable on the supply of goods in the provision of healthcare services.

Non divisional NHS VAT group (examples include GPs, Social Enterprises and other health service commissioners and providers outside the NHS divisional VAT registration of 654).


All goods delivered by us are invoiced to you weekly. Additionally, we will send a customised, electronic file transfer of all transaction data direct to your own financial ledgers, enabling you to undertake your own budgetary monitoring and control.


Our full eBilling service allows you not only to receive your invoices electronically but also has additional benefits including:

  • Information that can be downloaded into your existing Microsoft Excel package in a user friendly format.
  • A clearly presented ‘transaction file’ being sent directly to your trust’s own system at the end of each week.
  • By paying NHS Supply Chain electronically, you not only reduce your own internal transaction costs, but you also eliminate invoice duplication.

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