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Introducing ‘More Please’ A Guide to Feeding our Future

7 June 2024

Since November 2020, our Culinary and Dietetics team have launched eight exceptional food collections, known as ‘Culinary Concepts’, including: Khana Khana, Root Kitchen, Bamboo, Hatched, Great British Dishes, Gustoso, Cakes and Bakes, Grab and Go, and More Please which launched earlier this year.

The team take great pride in supporting NHS trusts across the UK to provide healthy and innovative food options for staff, patients and visitors, as well as offering inspiration to trust chefs and culinary members.

Over the last few months, the team have been preparing an exciting addition to the ‘More Please’ Culinary Concept and are excited to finally announce the official launch of the ‘More Please’ cookbook, a guide to feeding our future.

The book is designed to refresh children’s feeding within NHS trusts, providing friendly foods targeted anywhere from little ones to big kids that are delicious, packed full of flavour, and most importantly, nutritious.

‘More Please’ aims to inspire and empower anyone who picks it up, whether they are a parent, guardian, chef, nurse or board of exec, as we can all work together to support feeding our future with every meal providing an opportunity to nourish children and help their recovery.

'More Please' Children's Culinary Concept Book

Containing over 50 thoughtfully curated and nutritionally analysed recipes, the book ensures each child has a healthy and enjoyable culinary experience during their time in hospital. Recipes include a vibrant range of offerings for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or out of hours snacking, such as: granola sundae, American style pancakes, creamy chicken and spinach curry to crispy cottage pie, which will all make them want to say ‘more please’.

Not only does the book include a collection of incredible recipes, but it also provides insights and information on various aspects of Paediatric food service including portion sizes, picky eaters, flexible meal patterns, feeding guardians and carers.

‘More Please’ holds a special place in NHS Supply Chain: Food’s heart as it is in memory of a remarkable young girl named Sophie who wanted food improved for children in all hospitals. We are honoured to have worked on this book in collaboration with Sophie’s Legacy and, in the book, you will find approved recipes which feature QR codes to the Sophie’s Legacy website. We hope we have made you proud Sophie, this book stands as a testament to your vision, and we will work to ensure that your legacy continues to inspire and drive positive change in Paediatric food service.

We truly believe that the ‘More Please’ book will be an invaluable resource in transforming children’s feeding within NHS trusts, providing nourishment, comfort and joy to young patients during their hospital stay. Together, we can make a significant impact to children’s recovery and overall wellbeing through the power of nutritious and delicious foods.

More Please has been a joy to work on, it will play a part in driving consistency and fun into food, the recipes have been created with nutrition and dietetic involvement supporting the recovery of children and making mealtimes an enjoyable experience. At NHS Supply Chain Food, we are committed to supporting NHS Chefs in driving skills development and great food in all our trusts working in partnership with NHS England.

Nick Vadis, Culinary Ambassador, NHS Supply Chain: Food

More Please is a book full of easy-to-follow recipes, insights into children’s and parent feeding and purpose to feeding our future in hospitals. There are tools that everyone in the catering and ward operations can use to deliver nutritious and well thought out meals to nourish children through their recovery. As a team, we have loved collaborating and using our expertise to work with our NHS trusts to find solutions and bring our vision to life.

Leanne Turk, Development Chef, NHS Supply Chain: Food

See our Downloads ▼ section to view a sample recipe.

‘More Please’ will initially be sent to trusts with scratch cooking facilities and children’s feeding. If you’d like to view a digital version or would like to find out more about our children’s Culinary Concept, please contact the Food team.

Downloads ▼

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    Read a sample recipe from 'More Please' for a Chicken and Parsnip Bake.