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NHS National Healthcare Uniform Colourways Announced

26 September 2023

We would like to share an exciting update with you about the NHS National Healthcare Uniform in England. Following extensive consultation with clinical healthcare professionals across the NHS, we are pleased to announce the colourways.

The NHS National Healthcare Uniform has been designed for the NHS, by the NHS, for professions working in clinical roles in England. This includes Allied Health Professions, Healthcare Sciences, Midwifery, Nursing and Pharmacy.

During the consultation process it was clear that colour should be the primary identifier for different professions and roles. The carefully curated colourways have been chosen for their ability to resonate nationally and create a coherent and recognisable system across the NHS. The chosen base colours and contrast trim for the smart scrub top will clearly denote each professional group.

This is a step change from the current NHS healthcare uniform, decided at trust level, which has resulted in a range of styles, colours, embroidery, and rank identifiers. NHS colleagues have tested the uniform, throughout the design process, to ensure the fit of the garments are appropriate for use in a diverse workforce.

The design of the NHS National Healthcare Uniform will launch in Autumn 2023 and will be available from early 2024. Adoption of the uniform is a trust-led decision.

I would like to thank everyone who has engaged with us for your enthusiasm and patience. Together we are building a shared identity we can all be proud of.

Kevin Chidlow, Director, NHS Supply Chain: NHS Facilities and Office Solutions

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  • NHS National Healthcare Uniform - Colourways Palette

    Download and share the Colourways Palette for the NHS National Healthcare Uniform.