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Service Improvements

The overall aim of each Service Improvements project is to provide flexible and future-ready systems to meet the diverse, changing needs of the NHS.

Our purpose is to deliver supply chain excellence and best value to customers and patients through innovation, service and clinical expertise.

To achieve this, we are making a substantial investment in our warehousing, IT infrastructure and services that supports our entire customer network.

To improve the experience for our customers now and prepare foundations for future requirements, an area of significant investment is our Core Technology Refresh (CTR) project. Its current focus is on replacing the technology used to manage our customer orders and warehouses.

In addition to the CTR, there are a variety of other planned service improvements receiving investment. For example, onboarding a new warehouse in Bury St Edmunds, and implementing enhancements to our catalogue and eCommerce systems; including eDirect, eDC, eDC Gold, our website and improved reporting systems.

Delivering these service improvements is a collaborative effort between NHS Supply Chain: Supporting Technologies, NHS Supply Chain: Logistics and our customers.

We will continue to engage with our customers via surveys, workshops and direct feedback, to improve our understanding of their needs and to shape the way in which these developments will be implemented.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will update this page with news on these projects.

Long term customer benefits will include: