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Strategy Opportunities for Medical Technology Products

The Strategy Opportunities for Medical Technology Products document gives you an overview of all of the available Medical Technology Innovation Opportunities and Adoption guidance, all in one place.

This document will include:

  • NHSE MedTech Funding Mandate opportunities
  • Value Based Procurement (VBP)
  • Novel Innovation and new areas to frameworks.

The guide is built to be used by a variety of roles, from Procurement Professionals, Clinical Specialists, Project Improvement, Finance Managers to Innovation Leads.

It will help you to build work plans at a time suitable to you, highlighting different types of benefits that can be realised, and opportunities for improvement in some of the more challenging areas of your work.

NHS Supply Chain will still support you with this process but have made this information available to you when you need it.

This document will be updated monthly please check back frequently.

Key Features

  • Products broken down to speciality areas, and patients in scope
  • Product description
  • Hyperlinks to NICE guidance, cost savings and case studies
  • Links to NHS Supply Chain VBP and case studies
  • Reference site details
  • NPC codes
  • Financial benefits
  • Operational benefits
  • Patient benefits
  • Environmental benefits
  • Key stakeholders
  • Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) Lead if MedTech Funding Mandate (MTFM)
  • Additional resources
  • Contact details in addition to your Customer Relationship Management team.

This is currently the first version of the record and we welcome feedback on how you would like us to improve your experience and any changes you would find valuable.  

Downloads ▼

  • Strategy Opportunities for Medical Technology Products Document

    An Excel file showing the available opportunities, benefits, contact details and additional resources. Updated monthly. Last updated 1 December 2023.