Sustainability - NHS Supply Chain Sustainability Corporate Statement

NHS Supply Chain Sustainability Corporate Statement

NHS Supply Chain’s route to market delivers not only cash releasing savings but wider sustainability benefits for NHS customers. As an organisation linked to the NHS and to public health, we are committed to ensure the most environmentally and cost efficient services across the supply chain. Our aim is to support our customers by realising opportunities for sustainable development through sustainable operations and sustainable procurement to ultimately deliver sustainable value.

We are driving our activities to:
  • Reduce waste, saving money and minimising environmental impacts.
  • Improve delivery efficiencies, ensuring continuity of supply.
  • Procure and operate responsibly and ethically.
  • Build supply chain resilience.
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Sustainable Operations

As a procurement and logistics organisation we recognise a large proportion of our direct carbon footprint originates from delivery vehicles. We continually measure, monitor, review and improve our transport operation to ensure we offer an environmentally and cost efficient service to the NHS.

A combination of factors contributes to the efficiency of our deliveries; the choice of fuel efficient vehicles, route planning/ optimisation and driver training are all initiatives employed to reduce our carbon footprint from deliveries and overall environmental impact.

In July 2016 we replaced our current fleet with 120 new vehicles. This significant investment provides the NHS with a fleet of modern delivery vehicles with numerous environmental, safety and logistical benefits.

ISO 14001 certification

NHS Supply Chain is accredited to ISO 14001, the International Environmental Management System Standard, across its seven distribution centres in the UK. Through setting objectives and maintaining operational procedures, we are able to manage our environmental impact as a business and ensure we reach the level of improved environmental performance we set out to achieve.

See our Downloads ▼ section to view our ISO 14001 certificate.

Sustainable Procurement

Working with suppliers our Ethical Procurement Strategy builds contract conditions, and introduces “Labour Standards Assurance System” into tenders, where there are known and documented risks of labour standards violations or noncompliances. See our Downloads ▼ section to view the Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) templates and toolkit of supporting material.

To date, this encompasses our frameworks for: Surgical Instruments, Direct Textiles, Transacted Textiles, Ophthalmology and Intra Ocular Lenses, Gloves, Procedure Packs, Suction Consumables, Urology and Bowel Management, Theatre Clothing, Wound Care, Polymer and School Fruit and Veg Scheme. Through the implementation of the Labour Standards Assurance System, we are also engaging with the supply base to raise awareness of the obligation on suppliers to comply with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines our main principles for suppliers in the area of labour standards, worker welfare, the environment, ethical behaviours and business continuity. We expect all suppliers to adhere to these principles and in addition the code encourages our suppliers to communicate the principles and guidelines for ethical behaviour to its own subcontractors and business partners involved in supplying the goods and services.

Supplier engagement on modern slavery

Supplier engagement on this issue is essential to ensure our awarded suppliers and business partners are committed to working with us on this issue.

Since the passing of the UK Modern Slavery Act in 2015, NHS Supply Chain has taken steps to raise awareness of the issues of human trafficking and forced labour with our suppliers.

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We are always looking for ways to add value to our supply chain and increase sustainability benefits.

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Sustainability Reports

For past and present reports See our Downloads ▼ section.

Update on Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) templates and toolkit:
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Downloads ▼

  • ISO 14001 Certificate

    ISO14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management Systems.
  • Sustainable Development Strategy Commitments 2017-2018

  • Sustainable Development Strategy Commitments 2013-2016

  • Sustainability Report 2015-2016

  • Sustainable Report 2014

  • Sustainable Report 2012-2013

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