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Become A HDS Customer

How Can I Become A HDS Customer?

If Home Delivery Service sounds of interest and something you want to pursue, please get in touch. One of our Customer Relationship Managers can help to generate your bespoke proposal.

New Customers tell us that we are easy to do business with. With your written permission, we coordinate all data requirements with the incumbent supplier to complete the pricing exercise, thus allowing you to focus on other areas within your work plan.  

Please note that patient data is securely stored in a standalone system that is fully compliant with GDPR.

Once the proposal is discussed and accepted, we will appoint an Implementation Manager to be your single point of contact. Who will coordinate with the NHS Supply Chain implementation team to oversee the smooth transition to our service.

Elderly Home Delivery Service Patient

Contact Us

Interested in our Home Delivery Service? Get in touch with either of our experienced Customer Relationship Managers. They are happy to help answer any queries you may have or initiate discussions to generate a bespoke proposal.

Stuart Milhench

Home Delivery Service Manager

07511 701 225

Matthew Hitchins

Home Delivery Service Business Manager

07702 826 351

If you or a family member currently receive products from one of our Home Delivery services and would like to discuss this with us, please contact us via:

Home Delivery Service (Customer Services)

0800 030 4466 (Patient line)
0800 141 2255 (Health Care Professionals' line)