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Customer Newsletter – December 2022

Welcome to the December edition of our bi-monthly newsletter where you can find the latest information, news and updates.

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Roll Cage Management
ICNs Continue to Evolve

Keep up to date with all the changes with our Important Customer Notices in response to customer feedback.

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We need to know when there are problems, risks and issues or if products do not meet your needs and expectations.

eDirect Back Order Line Amendment

An update and timescales on the eDirect Back Order Line Amendment Project if a supplier is unable to fulfil an order entirely and on time.

Online Catalogue Search Export Functionality

As a temporary service improvement measure, you can now only export to Excel if your search results are 250 lines or less on our online catalogue.

Cardiac Diagnostics Equipment Buying Guide

An overview of the support we can provide to you when you have purchasing requirements for Cardiac Diagnostics Equipment and services.

Christmas and New Year Schedules