Waste and the Circular Economy

Our Ambition: Management of waste across the entirety of the NHS Supply Chain. This includes packaging, food and other waste that is generated across our offices, distribution centres and the broader supply chain.

Benefits of Remanufactured Devices: 50% savings per product, reduced waste to landfill and incineration, reduce CO2e by 50% per device.

Contact your Customer Relationship Manager to find out more.

green hospital chairs

Re-upholstering Our Way Towards a More Circular Economy

Through frameworks provided by NHS Supply Chain: Office Solutions, we can help you to reuse and re-upholster old furniture giving it an extended life. Not only does this circular economy approach save money by giving the furniture a longer life span but it has added sustainability benefits. For further information on relevant frameworks use our enquiry form or contact your local Customer Relationship Manager.


Remanufacturing and Restoring Medical Devices to ‘As New

The NHS has highlighted a reduction in waste and the re-use of medical devices as an important part of its efforts to become net zero. Repurposing single-use medical devices is a great way for trusts to take steps towards becoming net zero. NHS Supply Chain: Sterile Intervention and Associated Consumables and NHS Supply Chain: Cardio-vascular, Radiology, Endoscopy, Audiology and Pain Management currently supply several remanufactured products. To find out more about the remanufactured devices available contact your local Customer Relationship Manager.

Chefs Academy Kitchen Scene

Plant-Based Recipes – Supporting a Sustainable Future

One way to reduce our impact on the environment is to increase the number of plant-based dishes in our diet – proven to consume less resources than meat-based dishes. There are also great benefits to a well-planned vegan diet. It has been shown to help prevent chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, according to the British Dietetic Association, 2017. By offering such a large range of plant-based vegan and vegetarian recipes developed specifically for the NHS, we are showing our support for a sustainable future.

Download a free plant-based sample recipe here provided by NHS Supply Chain: Food.