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Updates to our Billing system to support Scan4Safety

9 November 2018

Find out more about the latest updates to our Billing system and format of our invoices.

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Upcoming Change to Our System Account Hierarchy

19 July 2018

We are making essential changes that will involve the introduction of unique district identifiers across all customers.

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eDC and eDC Gold System Updates to Support Scan4Safety

4 June 2018

Changes to our systems which will help customers and suppliers to trade using GS1 and PEPPOL.

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New Look Order Notification Emails to Support Scan4Safety

8 May 2018

The emails sent by our systems have been updated.

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Online Catalogue and Ordering Enhancements

21 March 2018

Online catalogue and ordering enhancements.

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Trust and Savings Reports now updated to include GS1 data

16 January 2018

Take a look at the changes we've made to our customer reports to support the Scan4Safety initiative.

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Stay in the Loop with our New Email Me Service

12 October 2017

You can now request to be notified by email when an out of stock product is available to order again.

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Supplier Portal System Update to Support the Department of Health Scan4Safety Initiative

18 August 2017

Labels include Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN), Global Location Number (GLN) towards GS1 compliance.

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Further Enhancements to Online Catalogue and Ordering System

25 July 2017

Details of further improvements to our Online Catalogue and Ordering System made in July 2017.

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Informed Ordering – Stock Visibility

13 June 2017

Online Catalogue and Ordering System - stock visibility now available.

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