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Early Informs

In response to customer feedback, we now provide ‘Early Informs’ to ensure we are giving you information about potential supply disruption as soon as we can.

There are three status options for ‘Early Informs’ as follows:

  • In Progress – we don’t yet have enough information to publish an Important Customer Notice (ICN) or it could be that we don’t need one if the issue is resolved quickly.
  • Moved to ICN – an ‘Early Inform’ that has now progressed to a full ICN about the supply issue.
  • Resolved – an issue that we informed you about but was resolved quickly and did not require an ICN.

Customers are advised to regularly visit our ICN pages for the latest published ICN updates.

In Progress

In all of these cases:

  • We are working to collate all available information and assess any impact to NHS Supply Chain customers.
  • Customers are reminded to order based on requirements, to support the entirety of the NHS having continuity of supply.
  • If you have any immediate issues then please contact your Customer Relationship Manager or Customer Services Advisor.

Supply Issues General Wound Care
Unisurge International Limited

ID:  1849
Date:    27 October 2022

  • NHS Supply Chain is aware of intermittent supply issues with Unisurge International Limited.  
  • The supply issue affects all Unisurge products that are being utilised as alternatives on the General Wound Care framework.
  • Due to demand moving over to some of these products, they are now subject to intermittent supply issues.
  • Individual ICNs will be issued for significant supply issues relating to these products.

Moved to ICN

‘Early Informs’ in this section have now progressed to an ICN and can now be found in our ICNs section. Customers are advised to regularly visit our ICN pages

Supply Issues Infant Feeding and Associated Accessories
Medela UK Ltd

ID:  1844
Date:    25 October 2022

  • NHS Supply Chain is aware of a backlog of orders and shipping delays following the implementation of a new ordering system by Medela UK Ltd.
  • There are 18 product codes affected.

Supply Issues Drapes
Medline and 3M

ID:  1523
Date:    25 January 2022

  • NHS Supply Chain is aware of an issue with drapes supplied by Medline and 3M.


These ‘Early Informs’ are resolved and therefore do not require the publication of an ICN. They previously appeared in our ‘In Progress’ section.

Supply Issues Procedure Packs
Kimal PLC

ID:  1822
Date:    27 September 2022

  • NHS Supply Chain is aware of a sterilisation issue causing delays to supply for some customers.
  • This is due to a breakdown in the sterilisation plant used by Kimal PLC on 17 September 2022.
  • Customers whose orders have been affected should already have been informed.
  • Product codes affected and resolution date to be confirmed.

Delisting Respiratory Products
Intersurgical Ltd

ID:  1777
Date:    9 August 2022

  • NHS Supply Chain is aware of a number of products that have been delisted following the renewal of the Respiratory framework that launched last week on 1 August 2022.
  • Affected products:
    Number of product codes impacted is currently being reviewed.
  • This is due to the products not being included in the tender submission in error or the Unit of Issue (UOI) being incorrect.
  • NHS Supply Chain are working to ensure continuity of supply with Intersurgical to re-add impacted products onto the catalogue. A product listing with new codes will be released shortly.
  • An ICN will be issued as soon as possible.