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PPE Transition

On 1 April 2022, operational responsibility for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) programme was transferred to NHS Supply Chain. 

Transitioning the PPE supply chain into NHS Supply Chain will help to ensure: 

  • A single supply chain to manage the future procurement and supply of products.  
  • It meets the needs of the wider health and care sector. 
  • Improved supply chain resilience through the incorporation of supply chain excellence best practice. 

The resilience of PPE product supply in to the NHS has been assured through:  

  • Increased stockholding in NHS Supply Chain warehouses  
  • Improved product availability, removing the need for trusts to stock build 
  • Increased weekly stock cover   
  • Increased number of pallets across all lines  
  • Reduced number of products we offer   
  • Increased delivery service levels. 

The provision of COVID-19 PPE will continue to be free of charge until 31 March 2023. It will also continue to be delivered by Clipper Logistics and be supplied through the auto replenishment model for NHS trusts and available to order via the dedicated PPE Portal for eligible primary care and adult social care providers.  

All other ordering of PPE products, non-COVID-19 related, needs to be made via each organisation’s normal ordering process.  

Please note, NHS Supply Chain acts as the agent in providing PPE requirements, while DHSC retains overall ownership of centralised PPE stock and management of any excess stock.  

PPE Customer Engagement Panels

In continuity from the Department of Health and Social Care’s PPE programme of work, the Voice of the Customer team at NHS Supply Chain continue to conduct PPE engagement panels for acute and non-acute customers who order and use PPE.

The purpose of the panels are to check in with customers to ensure that PPE meets provisional and quality requirements, to convey PPE communications, and support on any PPE related issue that you and / or your organisation is experiencing.

Both acute and non-acute panels run monthly, lasting for one hour:

  • Acute PPE Customer Engagement Panel – occurs every fourth Tuesday each month between 3pm – 4pm.
  • Non-Acute PPE Customer Engagement Panel – occurs every third Tuesday each month between 12pm – 1pm.

Attendees on the panels consist of multiple key PPE personnel from areas such as PPE Quality Assurance, PPE Portal Team, Clinical Nurse Advisors, Voice of the Customer Team, and PPE Category Managers.

If you would like to express an interest in joining one of the PPE panels or would like further information, please send your name, occupation, and organisation to:

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Team

PPE Transition FAQs

How can I order COVID-19 related PPE?

Eligible health and social care providers can order PPE through the portal to meet the increased need that has arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. More information on the portal is available here.

Where can I find the daily PPE push (auto replenishment) delivery manifest?

The auto replenishment manifest now belongs to the PPE Dedicated Supply Channel and Clipper:

You will need to log in with your NHS Supply Chain website credentials.

Are any changes planned from 1 April 2022 for received PPE?

No. We are not planning any changes to the way that PPE is supplied from 1 April 2022.

Will PPE be free from 1 April 2022?

Yes. The offer of free PPE to frontline health and social care staff in England has been extended for another year. For more information please read the DHSC press release.

Will Clipper Logistics continue to deliver the free PPE?

Yes. Clipper Logistics will continue to deliver free PPE from 1 April 2022.

Will PPE products be returned to the NHS Supply Chain catalogue?

Free PPE will continue to be provided via Clipper Logistics. We will review the ongoing PPE requirements and develop plans to phase products back into the catalogue, in time for the end of the free PPE period.

Which team should I contact for help and support?

Please see our guide to our customer facing teams for who to contact and when.